06. 15, 2019

What Are The Waste Gas Treatment Processes?

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Due to the different types of exhaust gases, the selected exhaust gas treatment process is also different. According to environmental protection requirements, the purification of exhaust gas includes the purification of paint mist and the purification of vocals such as toluene, xylene, and non-methane total hydrocarbons. So what are the exhaust gas treatment processes? Let's take a look at it together.

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Due to the different types of exhaust gas, the selected exhaust gas treatment process is also different. The commonly used methods in China include condensation method, absorption method, combustion method, catalytic method, adsorption method and other biological methods, low-temperature plasma method, etc. New technology and new process.

1. Condensation recovery method

The condensing recovery method is a method in which the exhaust gas is directly introduced into the condenser or absorbed and absorbed, and the analyzed concentrated exhaust gas is introduced into the condenser, and the condensed liquid is separated to recover valuable organic matter.

2. Absorption method

The absorption method can be divided into chemical absorption and physical absorption. Since the organic waste gas contains a large amount of "triphenyl" gas, the chemical activity is low, and chemical absorption cannot generally be used.

3. Direct combustion method

The direct combustion process is relatively simple and is more suitable for high-concentration exhaust gas treatment. Its principle is: using fuel to heat the collected exhaust gas mixture, heating it to 700~800 °C, and staying for 0.3-0.5 s, the harmful substances combustible at a high temperature can be decomposed into harmless substances.

4. Activated carbon adsorption method

The adsorption of activated carbon is to send the organic waste gas to the adsorption bed by the exhaust fan. The organic waste gas is adsorbed by the activated carbon adsorbent in the adsorption bed to purify the gas, and the purified gas is discharged to the atmosphere to complete the purification process.