06. 12, 2019

What Are The Main Methods Of Common Organic Waste Gas Treatment?

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At present, air pollution is one of the most prominent environmental problems in the world. The main source of pollutants in industrial waste gas. Due to different production processes, industrial waste gas has different types of pollutants, and the types of pollutants produced are different. Different treatment processes are applied to different types of pollutants. Then let's take a look at the main methods of common organic waste gas treatment.

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Organic waste gas treatment refers to the treatment of adsorption, filtration, and purification of organic waste gas generated in industrial production processes. Generally, organic waste gas treatment includes formaldehyde organic waste gas treatment, benzene toluene xylene and other benzene organic waste gas treatment, acetone butanone organic waste gas treatment, ethyl acetate waste gas treatment, oil mist organic waste gas treatment, furfural organic waste gas treatment, styrene, acrylic acid Air purification treatment of organic substances such as organic hydrocarbons, such as organic waste gas treatment, resin organic waste gas treatment, additive organic waste gas treatment, paint mist organic waste gas treatment, and Tianna water organic waste gas treatment.

The organic waste gas treatment has a masking method: a stronger aromatic odor is mixed with the odor to cover the odor and make it acceptable to people;

There is also a condensing recovery method: the condensing method adopts a multi-stage continuous cooling method, so that the temperature of each component of the hydrocarbon in the mixed oil and gas is lower than the freezing point from the gaseous state to the liquid state, and the air remains in a gaseous state except for the water vapor, thereby realizing the oil and gas. Separation from air recovers valuable organic matter.

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