06. 17, 2019

What Is The Number Of Gas Exchanges In The Sewage Pool?

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In the gully capping, there are mainly three forms, including:

1. ordinary carbon steel skeleton + sunlight board; 

2. stainless steel skeleton + glass steel plate; 

3. ordinary carbon steel skeleton (reverse hanging) + membrane structure (fluorocarbon film ).

High Quality Fiberglass Acid Mist Purification Tower

There are three forms, but the number of air changes is usually considered in accordance with 1-4 times of ventilation, and the reference to the process section of the cell body, the gas concentration, whether it is necessary to frequently check and repair, etc., the concentration is high or often Discretion in person overhaul increases the number of ventilation.

The sewage tank is covered with the process principle of treating waste gas, and an FRP shield is added above the sewage pool. At this time, the exhaust gas generated in the sewage pool is isolated from the air, an air outlet is added on the surface of the shield, and a ventilation duct is installed, and the exhaust gas enters the exhaust gas from the ventilation duct. Purification tower, in order to increase the collection of exhaust gas, install an FRP fan in front of the purification tower, and the exhaust gas is sucked into the purification tower by the fan. The exhaust gas is sprayed in two stages in the tower. If the exhaust gas is acidic, it is absorbed by the alkali liquor. If the exhaust gas is alkaline The use of acid circulation spray absorption, exhaust gas treatment efficiency of more than 90%, emissions meet the relevant national standards.

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