08. 14, 2019

The Features Of FRP Chimney

Here is Fiberglass Tower Manufacturer talking about the features of FRP chimney.

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Fiberglass Chimney

Fiberglass Chimney

With the deepening of environmental protection work in China, the exhaust gas of various boilers, kiln, incinerators and other equipment must meet the standard discharge. Therefore, the relevant equipment must increase the exhaust gas treatment facilities, which will bring certain equipment to the chimney The impact of the material, especially the corrosive, traditional materials can not meet this requirement. As a new type of material, FRP has gradually emerged in various industries, especially in the environmental protection industry. In recent years, FRP chimneys have emerged, the height and caliber are constantly increasing, and the effect is very good. Its superior performance is other. Unmatched materials.

Here is a brief introduction to the characteristics of the FRP chimney:

Outstanding corrosion resistance: It is well known that the chimney of traditional materials has poor corrosion resistance, especially the washed and treated exhaust gas, which is more serious to the chimney. Therefore, good corrosion resistance is very important for the use of chimney. FRP material is a polymer composite material, which can withstand most acids, alkalis and salts, and can be used for a long time under the condition of alternating acid and alkali. At the same time, it can withstand high temperature. Under normal conditions, it can work under 120 °C for a long time. Can be up to 220 ° C.

It can be highly designed: FRP has a large number of main raw materials and various molding processes. Therefore, the FRP material itself is highly configurable and can be designed according to different conditions of use, including raw material selection and production. The process is determined and the installation method is determined, so that the product can be produced and installed reasonably and efficiently.

Easy to install: FRP material has low density and light weight, so the installation is very convenient. Basically, there is no need to set up the support on the construction site, and the construction period is very short. It is shorter than the traditional way to make the chimney by nearly half of the construction period, and the FRP chimney does not exist. The problem of internal anti-corrosion treatment, thus avoiding secondary construction, the construction difficulty is greatly reduced.

Excellent product performance: FRP products have high specific strength, can fully meet the various mechanical properties required by the chimney, and externally set up steel tower protection frame according to design, which can better meet the normal use under various meteorological conditions. At the same time, the inner surface smoothness of the FRP flue is very high, which greatly reduces the resistance of the flue gas operation, so the FRP chimney is smaller than the traditional chimney.

Low cost, high efficiency: FRP chimney does not need anti-corrosion treatment during construction, and the overall design is better than the chimney of traditional materials, the construction period is short, and the outstanding corrosion resistance increases the service life of the chimney, and the quality is light. The foundation is also much smaller than other chimneys. These factors determine that the cost of FRP chimneys is lower than that of traditional chimneys.

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