08. 07, 2019

What Should Pay Attention To When Installing FRP Pipe?

In order to ensure the installation accuracy of the FRP process pipe and ensure the uniform stress on the Long Life Fiberglass Pipe after installation, the pipe fittings can be produced on site by professionals according to the site size. Fiberglass Septic Tank Supplier shares with you the following points.

Long Life Fiberglass Pipe

Long Life Fiberglass Pipe

The following points should be noted when performing on-site presets:

1. If the curing is incomplete, the main reason is that the curing agent is insufficient or invalid. After the inspection, the original paste should be removed and the paste should be re-made.

2. If there are many bubbles in the product, one may be too much resin and the bubble content of the glue is too much, so the amount of glue should be strictly controlled. At the same time, pay attention to the way of stirring to prevent excessive bubbles.

3. If the glue phenomenon occurs, the viscosity of the resin may be too small. 2% ~ 3% of active silica powder may be added properly; the ingredients may be uneven. When preparing the resin solution, it should be fully stirred; the curing agent may be insufficient. , the amount of curing agent should be adjusted appropriately.

4. If the product is delaminated, check whether all the glass cloth is dewaxed or damp. Use “three no” glass cloth and dry it before use. At the same time, it is necessary to check whether the amount of glue is insufficient or the glass cloth is not compacted. When making paste, use enough glue, apply it with force, make the laminate compact, and get rid of the bubbles.

5. If the surface of the product is sticky, it may be that the cross-linking agent in the resin on the surface of the product volatilizes too much, and the stupid ethylene volatilization in the resin causes the ratio to be out of adjustment, resulting in no curing. The prevention method is to avoid excessive temperature before the resin is gelled; control ventilation and reduce volatilization. It may be that the air humidity is high, and the water has a retarding and retarding effect on the curing of the resin. Therefore, it is best to choose a day with a relatively low humidity for construction. Special measures should be taken in rain and snow.

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