08. 21, 2019

The Prevention Measures For Leakage Of Tank

Here is a professional Fiberglass Septic Tank Manufacturer talking about the prevention measures for leakage of tank.

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High Quality Fiberglass Septic Tank

High Quality Fiberglass Septic Tank

At present, the petrochemical plants, urban gas stations and oil fields in developed countries have already applied FRP oil storage tanks. Europe, the United States, Japan and other regions and countries have designed FRP buried oil storage tanks as series products for users to choose. Because FRP oil storage tanks have many excellent characteristics such as durability, corrosion resistance and good seismic performance, it is an inevitable development trend to replace steel storage tanks with FRP storage tanks. The economics of FRP tanks should be measured by comprehensive indicators such as raw material costs, installation costs and maintenance costs. FRP storage tanks are generally higher in price than steel storage tanks, but their installation and maintenance costs are low and their service life is long. Therefore, the long-term economic benefits and social benefits of FRP storage tanks are obvious.

Use and maintenance of FRP tanks: It is strictly forbidden to exceed the conditions stipulated in the contract: FRP tanks are specially designed and manufactured according to the conditions of use of the contract. Users may not arbitrarily change the type of storage medium of FRP tanks without the consent of the technical department of the supplier. Change the temperature and concentration of the storage medium in the container. Hard objects are not allowed to be struck or scratched: When cleaning and overhauling in FRP tanks, operators should wear soft-soled shoes. When using ladders, all points in contact with the container should be covered with a cushion to prevent scratching the surface. Prevent tools, scaffolding, and other hard objects from hitting the container while working around. Pay attention to fire protection: FRP tanks are absolutely forbidden to approach fire sources.

However, there are many reasons for the leakage of FRP storage tanks, among which the matching of raw materials is not good, the structural design and process design of FRP storage tanks are unreasonable, and each process and its specific links in the FRP manufacturing process are unreasonable. Defects, as well as factors related to the quality of raw materials and FRP equipment supply. By standardizing the supply channels of raw materials, strengthening the quality supervision of the manufacturing process, adopting automated advanced production processes and other measures to ensure the production quality, and strictly complying with the design, construction and acceptance specifications to ensure reasonable design and high quality construction, it can guarantee the safety.

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