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Purification Tower Purification Gas

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The purification tower is a two-phase countercurrent packed absorption tower, which is a two-phase countercurrent packed absorption tower. When the acid gas enters the purification tower tangentially from the inlet below the lower body, it quickly fills the space of the inlet portion, and then the first-stage absorption portion is packaged by the uniform flow. The acid surface is packaged, and the alkaline substances in the gas phase and the liquid phase are chemically reacted, and the reactive substances (most of them) and the absorption liquid flow into the reservoir. The incomplete absorption of acid gas continues to rise to the first stage spray section. The absorbed liquid sprays part of the uniform high-speed nozzle, forming many tiny droplets, intimately mixing with the gas, continuing the chemical reaction, and the acid gas rises to the secondary packaging portion, similar to the first-stage spray absorption process.

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The main nozzle density is different, and the different spray pressures and acid gas absorption concentration ranges are also different. The two-phase connection and packaging section during the spraying process is also a heat and mass transfer process. A complete and stable process is ensured by controlling surface speed and retention time. The tower body is fogged, and the uppermost layer is trapped in the gas absorbing liquid. After the treatment, the clean air is vented from the top to the atmosphere.

1. the scope of application is as follows: can be widely used in chemical, light industry, printing and dyeing, medicine, steel, machinery, electronics, instrumentation, electroplating and other industrial sectors to discharge in the production process, such as nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid tail gas and sulfur oxides ( Socks), nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon oxides complex acid gases (CO, CO2), etc.

2. high purification efficiency, the use of two-stage reverse spray filler specific surface area, by gas-liquid ratio experimental study to ensure stable performance, gas purification efficiency of various acid concentrations can reach 85% - 95%.

3. the production equipment on the basis of low resistance to ensure sufficient gas-liquid contact area, aerodynamic characteristics select the best packaging variety and structural form, so that the equipment in the rated airflow resistance does not exceed 40 mm water column, domestic various packing absorption tower resistance One of the lowest countries. It is very beneficial for corrosion resistant low-pressure ventilation.

4. small footprint; absorption liquid tank, circulation pump, absorption liquid pipeline system combined into a complete set of equipment, compact structure, easy to install and operate management, small footprint, adaptability, regardless of new or technical transformation projects.

1. when using the equipment, first check that each system pipeline valve is in good condition, the liquid reagent selection and matching are correct, the absorption liquid cannot meet the specified requirements, and need to be replenished in time. The pump should be turned on for 3 - 5 minutes before starting the fan. When turning off the purification system, turn off the fan for 2-3 minutes, then turn off the water pump, and do not open it. Otherwise, the motor will be burnt out, the filler will be blocked, and the purification effect will be affected.

2. for the purification tower fan and pump connection, cannot be casually touched, it should be determined that they turn to the right, irreversible, otherwise it will damage the motor, may cause an accident. 

3. When the equipment after delivery is operated, the user should use special storage and regular inspection to find abnormal sound or leakage of the equipment and should be used after stopping the repair.

4. The equipment is installed outdoors, and the pump should be covered by the fan motor to avoid the influence of moisture and humidity. Regardless of the installation of indoor and outdoor equipment, such as the choice of glass or plastic fans, shields must be installed, screws loose, bearings damaged or sucked in debris, destroying the impeller and injured personnel, causing accidents.

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