03. 06, 2019

Is The FRP Septic Tank Good?

Here is Good Tightness Fiberglass Septic Tank Supplier talking about Fiberglass Septic Tank is good equipment. 

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First, high efficiency in addition to organic waste gas: can effectively remove volatile organic compounds, inorganic substances, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, mercaptans and other major pollutants, as well as a variety of organic waste gas, remove organic waste gas efficiency up to above, remove organic waste gas effect Meet the national first-level standards for the emission of organic pollutants.

Good Tightness Fiberglass Septic Tank

Second, no need to add any substances: only need to set the corresponding exhaust duct and exhaust power, so that the organic exhaust gas through the equipment to remove organic waste gas decomposition and purification, without adding any substances involved in the chemical reaction. 

Third, the adaptability: can adapt to high concentration, atmospheric volume, different organic waste gas substances to remove organic waste gas purification treatment, can work continuously every day, stable and reliable operation.

Fourth, the operating cost is low: the equipment does not have any mechanical action, no special personnel management and daily maintenance, only regular inspection.

Fifth, no pretreatment is required: the organic exhaust gas does not need special pretreatments, such as heating and humidification.

Sixth, the equipment covers a small area, light weight: suitable for special conditions such as compact layout and narrow space.

Seventh, high-quality stainless steel manufacturing: high fire resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life.

Eighth, environmental protection high-tech patent products: thoroughly decompose the toxic and harmful substances in the organic exhaust gas, after the organic exhaust gas treatment decomposition and purification, the gas completely achieves harmless discharge, never produces secondary pollution and at the same time achieves efficient disinfection and sterilization.

Product Scope: Refining, rubber, chemical, pharmaceutical, sewage treatment, waste transfer stations and other organic waste gas removal of organic waste gas purification treatment. Material name The main source of organic waste gas is hydrogen sulfide kraft pulp, oil refining, gas, pharmaceutical, pesticide, synthetic resin, synthetic fiber, rubber sulphide kraft pulp, oil refining, pesticide, garbage treatment, domestic sewage sewer ammonia nitrogen fertilizer, nitric acid, Coking, manure treatment, meat processing, amine processing, livestock processing, leather, bone glue, manure treatment, domestic sewage treatment, coking, meat decay, slaughtering livestock nitro fuel, hydrocarbon refining, coking, petrochemical, Calcium carbide, fertilizer, internal combustion engine exhaust, paint, solvent, ink printing aldehyde refining, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, internal combustion engine exhaust and other industries. Kraft pulp, oil refining, coking, petrochemical, gas, and manure treatment.

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