02. 26, 2019

Brief Introduction Of Purification Tower

Here is Purification Equipment FiberglassTower Supplier talking about purification tower.

Brief introduction of purification tower:

1. Plastic water pump or stainless steel centrifugal pump.

2. The composite FRP liquid storage tank and the liquid adding pipe is provided with a filtrate device on the liquid suction pipe, and the air inlet section is made of composite FRP.

3. The effective water retaining section is provided with a swirling plate to block water.

Purification Equipment Fiberglass Tower

4. FRP hood cap.

5. The first and second stage spray sections adopt a row of Y-1 type nylon nozzles, Paul's ring filter material, and plexiglass inspection holes.

6. F4-72 type FRP centrifugal fan.

7. Other accessories such as plastic pipe valves, fixed brackets, inspection ladders, and air intake pipes, etc., users can customize when ordering.

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