07. 15, 2019

What Are The Methods Of Pasting Fiberglass Mesh?

Here is a professional Fiberglass Pipe Supplier talking about the methods of pasting fiberglass mesh. If you have any idea about it, you can share your idea with us.Now, let us study the below method together.

Fiberglass Pipe Supplier

The method of pasting the fiberglass mesh cloth has the following specific points:

1. The preparation of polymer mortar must be carried out by a person to ensure the quality of the mixing.

2. Rotate the lid back counterclockwise and re-mix the binder with a stirrer or other tools to avoid separation of the binder and moderate mixing to avoid quality problems.

3. After the cement and sand dosage barrels are weighed, they are poured into the iron ash tank for mixing. After mixing, the binder is added according to the mixing ratio, and the stirring must be uniform to avoid segregation and porridge. Water can be added as appropriate according to work ability.

4. Water is used for concrete.

5. Cut the mesh from the entire roll of fiberglass mesh according to the length and width required in advance, leaving the necessary overlap length or the length of the overlap.

6. Cut in a clean and flat place, the cutting must be accurate, the cut mesh must be rolled up, not allowed to fold, not allowed to step on.

7. When applying the first time of polymer mortar, keep the EPS board surface dry and remove harmful substances or impurities from the board.

8. Make a reinforcement layer at the corner of the building. The reinforcement layer should be attached to the innermost side, 150mm on each side.

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