07. 12, 2019

What Should We Pay Attention To When Repairing Fiberglass Storage Tanks?

The Fiberglass Storage Tank is one of the FRP products, which is mainly made of glass fiber as a reinforcing agent and resin as a binder to be wound by a microcomputer controlled machine. It can be applied in chemistry, such as Fiberglass Storage Tanks For Chemical. However, in the course of use, any material may have problems, so what should we pay attention to during the repair process after the problem occurs? Today Fiberglass Tank Manufacturers tell you.

Fiberglass Storage Tanks For Chemical

Fiberglass Storage Tanks For Chemical

1. Enter the FRP storage tank for maintenance. First close all the feed valves, vent and clean the tank. After testing, confirm that there is no toxic gas in the tank. If there is no oxygen, you can enter the tank. You should wear soft shoes in the tank. Attach the seat belt and tie the other end of the seat belt to the top of the tank. Pay attention to the ventilation inside the tank. When entering the tank, it must be carried out under the supervision of the tank.

2. To prevent the tool from colliding with the tank wall, use a ladder and metal parts to be equal to the contact part of the tank wall to add a soft pad to protect the inner wall from being scratched or contused.

3. The external ladders, cages and guardrails of FRP tanks should be carefully checked before climbing to be safe and reliable. It is strictly forbidden to climb for use.

4. Do not load the top of the tank at the time of maintenance, nor apply external force on the nozzle.

5. The outdoor use of FRP tanks will deteriorate due to the outer surface layer after many years of use, causing the resin layer to peel off or the fibers to be exposed. It is recommended that paint or resin be applied to the outer surface of the tank every two or three years to prevent aging and prolong service life.

During the maintenance process, pay special attention to safety issues. Be sure to repair the FRP tanks after checking all the equipment.

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