07. 02, 2019

Advanced Processing Equipment

We have the world's advanced level of the FRP Chemical Pipe winding production line, FRP transformer sleeve pipe winding machine, FRP insulated pipe production line, complete FRP pipe production line, imported microcomputer controlled FRP mortar pipe production line, the world's most advanced continuous production line for FRP pipe, wet process   production line for FRP mortar pipe, FRP pipe hydraulic testing machine, FRP high pressure pipe production line, FRP vertical storage tank production line, FRP horizontal storage tank production line, FRP insulation pipe production line, portal type two-axis winding machine for FRP pressure vessels, portal type three-axis winding winding machine for FRP pressure vessels, portal type three-dimensional winding machine for FRP pressure vessels, liquefied gas cylinder winding machine for automobile system manufacturing industry , desulfurization spray pipe production line for power industry, FRP wear resistant production line for solid transportation in power and cement plant, various FRP anti-corrosion pipe production lines in the chemical industry, FRP heating pipes production line, FRP large chimney production line, FRP cable protection tube production line and composite equipment of shell head and rocket launcher for military enterprise,various specifications (diameter of 2MM to 4000MM, length of 1000MM to 12000MM)of finished steel mold, and designing and processing all kinds of special specifications of fiberglass reinforced plastic FRP pipeline equipment and accessories.

Advanced Processing Equipment

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