06. 20, 2019

How Is The Bridge Grounded?

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In the process of using the bridge, depending on the installation location, the grounding method used is different. So, what kind of grounding method do you know?

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There are three possible installation scenarios for the bridge and how to ground it:

1. When the bridge system is allowed to form the grounding trunk circuit, the connection resistance between the ends of the bridge should be no more than 0.00033 ohms. The grounding hole should be cleaned of the insulating coating. In a 1KV and below neutral point direct earthing system, the ground of the powered device is connected to the neutral line of the system.

2. When the power supply is installed and the power supply is installed, the cross-sectional area of the metal length of the bridge shall not be less than the specified value. When laying grounding trunks along the entire length of the bridge, each section (including non-linear sections) shall have at least one point that is reliably connected to the grounding trunk.

3. For the vibration place, the grounding points of different installation occasions of the bridge are explained: the spring ring should be installed at the joint of the grounding part.

A connecting plate can be used as a jumper between the cable trays to connect the bridges together. A galvanized spring washer is added to the two connecting bolts at both ends of the connecting plate, and the bridge is connected by a soft copper wire, and then the bridge is connected with the grounding wire to form an electrical path. There should be no less than two connections between the bridge and the grounding trunk. After the grounding operation is completed, it is necessary to check the acceptance.

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