08. 28, 2019

How To Design A FRP Chimney For A Variety Of Equipment?

Find here details of High quality Fiberglass Chimney.

Fiberglass Chimney is made of FRP material, the cost of the product is very low, and the production cycle is not particularly short, but the service life is very long. The installation of FRP chimney is also very simple, and the inner and outer surfaces are relatively smooth. Fiberglass Tower Manufacturer is a manufacturer that has been manufacturing products for many years. Let us take a look.

Fiberglass Chimney

Fiberglass Chimney

Because the working temperature of the flue is high and the composition of the flue gas is very complicated, the general resin cannot meet its requirements. Therefore, the choice of lining resin and structural layer resin, the design must be standardized, the temperature of the smoke at the time of the accident should not exceed the glass transition temperature of the resin within half an hour.

The wall of the cylinder should be composed of anti-corrosion inner lining, structural layer and outer surface layer. Due to the characteristics of FRP material, it is necessary to pay attention to the problem during production. A layer of resin in the outer surface layer should adopt airless polymerization. 

Because it is easy to be exposed to ultraviolet radiation in the open air, it is necessary to add an absorbent. In addition, because the wear resistance of the FRP material is not strong, especially the impact and wear on the corners or the abrupt parts will increase the corrosion, we can The wear resistance of the FRP at this location is improved by adding a wear resistant filler to the resin.

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