02. 25, 2019

FRP Pipes Market Prospects

Here is the Fiberglass Desulphurization Pipe Manufacturer talking about Fiberglass Pipes Market Prospects. 

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In some enterprises, smoke chimneys “white smoke” are rarely seen in some enterprises. From the analysis of the acid concentration, there are two main conditions that lead to the smoke tower “smoke white smoke”.

So how do you determine the concentration of hydrochloric acid absorbed from the smoke absorption tower?

There are two common situations:

Case 1:

The unabsorbed sulfur trioxide is discharged in the exhaust vent and mixed with the moist air in the chimney socket to make an acid mist. This differs from the acid mist generated when the acid is low, and an acid concentration is shaped in the pillar, and an acid mist is formed when an acid mist is formed outside the column. So now, white smoke; needs to observe a particular distance from the chimney, and because the example of acid mist grows up gradually, examine the start of the color of the exhaust gas is light brown, the acid fog particles are whitened of.

Case 2:

The concentration of spray acidity is significantly reduced compared to 98.3%. Considering that the water vapor responds with the dioxane condition, the vapor in the gas phase is significantly reduced, and the gas phase pressure is significantly lower compared to water vapor balance pressure onto the sulfuric acid surface. Hence, the contaminated water from the gas phase disappears. In the event the water flow rate is higher than the sulfuric acid vapor absorption speed, the vapor phase material of this sulfuric acid vapor will slowly grow, and past the critical value, the sulfuric acid vapor will condense to a mist. After the concentration of the lactic acid, the pillar is too low, the absorption of this third oxidation is faulty, the higher the concentration of the acid, the less total the absorption, and also the longer exhaust smoke.

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