08. 02, 2019

Quality Requirements For Fiberglass In FRP Tanks

Here is a Fiberglass Flanges Supplier talking about the quality requirements for fiberglass in FRP tanks.

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Long Life Fiberglass Storage Tank

Long Life Fiberglass Storage Tank

When it comes to FRP tanks, we need to know the ingredients we manufacture. FRP tanks are mainly made of fiberglass and resin wound by machine. How do we choose high-quality glass fiber?

Let us first look at the glass fiber can be divided into several categories: E glass fiber, AR-glass fiber, A glass fiber, E-CR glass fiber, high-strength glass fiber, C glass fiber and so on.

The most used one is E glass fiber. The alkali-free glass fiber is a kind of silicate glass with good electrical insulation and mechanical properties. The defects are easily corroded by inorganic acid and not suitable for acidic environment.

AR-glass fiber: Known as alkali-resistant glass fiber, it has good alkali resistance and can effectively resist the erosion of high alkali substances in cement. It is widely used in high performance reinforced (cement) concrete. E-CR glass fiber: improved boron-free alkali-free glass, good acid and water resistance, specially developed for underground pipelines and storage tanks.

D-glass fiber: Dielectric glass fiber, is a new type of alkali-free glass fiber, which does not contain boron and does not pollute the environment. It is an improved alkali-free glass fiber specially developed for environmental protection.

The high-strength glass fiber has high strength, 25% higher than the alkali-free glass fiber tensile strength, and 88.5 MPA of the elastic mold star, which is higher than the E-glass fiber, but the price is relatively expensive, and is mostly used in military space, bulletproof armor and sports equipment.

C-glass fiber: Known as medium-alkali glass fiber: acid resistance is better than alkali-free glass, but the disadvantage is poor electrical properties and low strength, just for glass fiber products resistant to corrosion.

Therefore, when we purchase a FRP tank, we can not neglect the choice of glass fiber under the condition of choosing the right resin, because it also determines the overall performance of the product.

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