01. 11, 2019

Selection And Application Of FRP Absorption Tower

As an exporter of Gas Purifier Fiberglass Tower, share with you some tips on fiberglass towers.

The Glass Fiber reinforced plastic absorption tower is made from flame retardant vinyl unsaturated resin and is made from alkali-free and non-twisted glass fiber as a reinforcing material through several manufacturing procedures. Next, We'll bring you the choice and application of FRP absorption tower:

1. This equipment can be made of steel plastic and FRP, which will be explained when the user requests. 

2. The equipment is set up inside or outdoors without affecting the usage effect.

3. This gear can be used together with WFG-3 dry paint mist purifier. It can be used in additional spray booths with paint mist purification facilities to purify natural waste gasoline, and can also treat organic waste gas and malodorous gas independently.

4. The equipment needs to be inspected often for purification. After the carbon fiber is saturated, it ought to be regenerated in time.

5. The filter section of this gear has coke filter paint mist ought to be cleaned frequently, otherwise, it is going to affect the discharge effect.

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Gas Purifier Fiberglass Tower

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