01. 14, 2019

What Is Ammonia Desulfurization Ammonia Method

As a manufacturer of Gas Purifier Fiberglass Tower, we briefly introduce what is the ammonia desulfurization ammonia method.

The ammonia desulfurization method is a low-energy wet method.  The response speed is quick, the absorbent use rate is elevated, along with the desulfurization efficiency mdash may be preserved; percent, the solubility of ammonia in water surpasses percent, the ammonia system includes abundant raw materials, along with the ammonia system uses ammonia as a raw material. Its kind could be liquid ammonia and ammonium bicarbonate. Currently, China's renewable energy plants emit about 10,000 tons each year. Even though all ammonia desulfurization is utilized, the total amount of ammonia used doesn't exceed 10,000 tons/year, along with the source is complete. The excellent characteristic of the ammonia procedure is the SO could be resourced.

When these materials are in the machine slurry. The constraint of this pH is no more calculated from the content of sulfur and calcium. The presence of the problem will increase fictitious pH. The desulfurization efficiency of this system is significantly improved, and the machine is inspected and repaired.

The Desulfurization Tower user will frequently clean and keep it through using this desulfurization tower. From the complex job, there are various things which have to get carried out. As stated by the prior gear maintenance information, the solid thing t as well as the desulfurization tower gear operation data could be set. At the moment, the base of the gear is likely gathered. Salt is shaped in a separator sump. Some users might have struck slurry blistering while employing the desulfurization tower, even though the effects of this happening isn't really large if it hasn't yet been handled. Additionally, it has a particular influence on the functioning effect of this desulfurization tower. If you still do not understand how to manage the slurry bubbling escape of this Desulfurization Tower, One would be to perform a lot of slurry replacement, which can be time-consuming and wastes a great quantity of slurry and process water; another would be to bring a distinctive defoaming agent for desulfurization.

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