01. 10, 2019

Bridge Surface Anti-corrosion Technology

As Fiberglass Cable Tray Manufacturers, today we have some tips on surface anti-corrosion technology.

Cable tray surface protection technology has a variety of means. Only the coating protection method is divided into three categories: metal, inorganic and organic. The deep metal coating can be electroplated, powder plated, hot dip, spray sprayed, metal clad, etc.. In addition to ordinary zinc alloy, there are a variety of combinations of zinc alloy or aluminum. Another example is the natural coating. Just a variety of resins can be found for a coat, and so on. Therefore, the surface protection technologies can't be regarded as static. For instance, concerning the optimality of this specialized market, it is advisable to always make progress. For technology strips which are unpleasant and corrosive and possess high durability requirements, it is advisable to locate a more appropriate surface protection treatment. The prompts are stated in the content of this standard.

When the NEMAV-l984 standard also contains a solid corrosive environment like powerful alkali, strong acidity bismuth, etc., ought to be applied with a protective coating of polyvinyl chloride, and the coating requires 380 ± 126um thick or other effective coatings could be implemented in batches.

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Fiberglass Cable Tray

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