07. 09, 2019

Which Is Better For Fiberglass Pipes And Carbon Fiber Pipes?

Fiberglass Pipe has its advantages. Carbon fiber has its advantages. Glass steel tube has good heat and cold resistance. Glass steel tube still has outstanding resistance and high strength at -30 °C. The glass steel pipe can be used for a long time in the range of -50 ° C to 80 ° C. The resin of the extra formula can also be used at 110 ° C.

Fiberglass Pipe

Fiberglass Pipe

①Advantages of fiberglass pipes insulation function: because of the low thermal conductivity of FRP products, its insulation function is exceptionally good. After the glass tube is cured, the anti-fouling resistance is large.

②Excellent corrosion resistance of glass tube: carbon fiber glass tube products are made of highly corrosion-resistant resin, with excellent mechanical properties and processing characteristics, in most acid, alkali, salt seawater untreated sewage, corrosive soil or groundwater and corrosion of many chemicals.

③The wear-resisting function of the glass fiber tube is good: the experiment proves that the water rich in mud and sand is loaded into the tube to carry out the comparison test of the rotating wear. After the 300,000-fold rotation of the glass tube, the wear depth of the inner wall of the pipe is as follows; the steel pipe coated with tar and porcelain oil is 0.53mm; the steel pipe treated by the external hardening of the composite material is 0.48mm; the glass steel pipe is 0.21mm, This can clarify that the glass steel pipe has a very high wear resistance.

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