07. 04, 2019

What's the Buying Tips of Fiberglass Pipe?

The Fiberglass Pipe is light and hard, non-conductive, high in mechanical strength, anti-aging, high temperature resistant and corrosion resistant. Therefore, it is obtained in industries such as petroleum, electric power, chemical industry, papermaking, urban water supply and drainage, factory sewage treatment, seawater desalination, gas transportation, etc. A wide range of applications. Here is Fiberglass Pipe Manufacturer talking about how to choose a fiberglass pipe.

Fiberglass Pipe

Fiberglass Pipe

1. Touch: Whether the texture is fine and the particles are even. If the pipe is good or bad, it can't solve the problem. Touch it. The coarse particles are likely to be mixed with other impurities.

2. Smell: there is no smell. A good pipe has no odor, and a bad one has a strange smell. It is likely to be blended with polyethylene (ie PE) rather than polypropylene.

3. Pinch: glass fiber pipe has a considerable hardness, it can be squeezed into a deformed tube, certainly not a PPR tube.

4. Burning: ignition and burning, it is very intuitive and very useful. The glass fiber pipe mixed with recycled plastic and other impurities will emit black smoke and have a pungent smell. After burning, the good material will not emit black smoke or odor. After burning, the molten liquid will still be clean.