07. 01, 2019

Do You Know The Electrostatic Spray Process Of Cable Trays?

Here is Fiberglass Cable Tray Manufacturer talking about electrostatic spray process of cable trays.

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The cable tray spray molding process is also the electrostatic powder coating that we often talk about. It uses an electrostatic generator to charge the plastic powder, adsorb it on the surface of the iron plate, and then bake it at 180-220 °C through a high-temperature fan to melt and adhere the powder to the metal. Surface, spray products are mostly used in indoor cabinets, and the paint film has a flat or matte effect. The spray powder mainly includes acrylic powder, polyester powder and the like.

Fiberglass Cable Tray Manufacturers

Using the principle of electrostatic adsorption, a layer of powder coating is sprayed evenly on the surface of the workpiece; the dropped powder is recovered by a recovery system and can be reused after sieving. The powder coating on the surface of the workpiece is heated to a specified temperature and held for a corresponding period of time to melt, level, and solidify, thereby obtaining the desired surface effect of the workpiece. The electrostatically sprayed workpiece achieves a special appearance such as various wood grain, pattern, and brightness.

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