04. 11, 2019

Water Cooling Tower Centrifugal Fan Energy Saving Technology Improvement Method

Today we Fiberglass Tower Manufacturers come to summarize Water cooling tower centrifugal fan energy saving technology improvement method.

Centrifugal fans are also cited in water cooling because they can transport high-speed winds. In the cooling tower, the cooling of the water can be stopped for one second, so the centrifugal fan in the water cooling tower also consumes a large amount of electric energy. The energy-saving technology improvement of the water cooling tower centrifugal fan is particularly urgent. In this article, we will detail the improved energy-saving technology for centrifugal fans in water cooling towers.

Water Cooling Tower Centrifugal Fan Energy Saving Technology Improvement Method

Water cooling tower is one of the commonly used equipment for industrial circulating water systems. It is widely used in petrochemical, chemical fiber, chemical, metallurgy, biochemical, light industry, electric power, pharmaceutical, and air conditioning refrigeration systems. Now the water cooling tower of the circulating water system drives the fan to rotate and extracts the heat in the water to achieve the purpose of cooling. However, using the motor to drive the fan to rotate requires a large amount of electric energy. To this end, the company carried out an energy-saving retrofit of the water cooling tower fan to the motor. After the transformation, the water cooling tower fan no longer uses the motor to drive but uses the surplus water pressure after cooling to drive the turbine to drive the fan to rotate, achieving the purpose of cooling and energy saving. Energy saving has always been the long-term goal of engineers and technicians.

Turbine technology principle

Making full use of the surplus water in the circulating cooling water system can push the turbine to rotate. The turbine rotates to drive the fan to replace the motor for the cooling tower equipped with the fan and ensures that the water pump power consumption is not increased after the turbine is installed, and the cooling tower working efficiency is not reduced. Energy saving purposes. It can also reduce cooling tower vibration, noise and maintenance costs. Since the hydro-powered fan uses water to push the turbine to rotate, the fan speed can be controlled by adjusting the water flow of the turbine; the fan can be started and stopped directly by controlling the water pump to stop and stop.

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