04. 12, 2019

Technical Analysis Of Technical Principles Of Water Cooling Tower Turbine

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According to the rated power of the fan is 18.5Kw, and the efficiency characteristics of the motor, drive shaft, and reducer, etc., according to the formula:

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P=P motor × q motor × q drive shaft × q reducer


It is calculated that the power of a fan shaft is about 8.3kw.


According to the outlet pressure of the hot water pump in the circulating water system and the rated head of the pump, it can be concluded that the available pressure of the turbine is 5m, and because the opening of the upper tower valve in the system is only 15°, it can be concluded that the pressure that the turbine can use is 3m, so The total pressure that the system turbine can utilize is 8m, according to the formula:


N=9.81×Q×H×η turbine


Where Q is a single tower flow and η turbine is 0.85


It can be calculated that the over-flow required for a single turbine is about 450m3/h, so if the system is to be retrofitted, the overflow of the single-turbine turbine needs to reach 450m3/h. That is to say, when designing the turbine, according to the over-flow of 450m3/h, the water head is designed by 8m. After the turbine is installed on the cooling tower, the specific piping mode can be connected according to the actual situation of the site; the turbine is designed according to the worst weather conditions in summer. To meet the production temperature drop requirements, in other seasons, the output of the turbine can be adjusted by adjusting the bypass valve of the Unicom water distributor to meet the demand for different temperature drops.

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