04. 25, 2019

Treatment Of Electroplating Exhaust Pollution By Stainless Steel Spray Tower

As a Fiberglass Tower Manufacturer, we will discuss Treatment of Electroplating Exhaust Pollution by Stainless Steel Spray Tower with you.

The pollution of electroplating exhaust gas is extremely harmful to the environment and the human body. The hazard analysis of electroplating exhaust gas is also the premise and basis for the treatment of electroplating exhaust gas. The harm of electroplating exhaust gas to the human body is mainly manifested in the harm to the human respiratory tract, eyes, and skin. Some electroplating exhaust gases are colorless and odorless, causing long-term chronic damage to the respiratory tract. After gradually accumulating, the content exceeds the limit, which may lead to bronchitis and bronchial asthma, lung cancer, liver cancer, and other diseases. Hydrogen chloride, acid-alkali mist, etc. generated during the plating process may cause irritation to the human eye and skin and may cause symptoms such as pink eye disease and dermatitis. Electroplating exhaust gases are also very stinky and harmful to plants and buildings. The sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides emitted during the electroplating process are harmful to plant growth in the air and even kill plants. 

If acid rain is formed, corrosion and rust oil will be generated on the building. In addition, electroplating exhaust gases are also harmful to electroplating products. For example, in the electric trace workshop, excessive acid-base fog, dust, etc. will have different degrees of influence on the purity of the electro-tracking equipment and electroplating materials, affecting the quality of the product. The types of electroplating exhaust gas mainly include hydrogen chloride, chromic acid mist, sulfuric acid mist, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen cyanide, etc., as well as some environmentally harmful dust and alkaline gases. At present, the common treatment methods start with the optimization of the sourcing process. On the other hand, the installation of the professional stainless steel spray tower purification equipment and the exhaust system must be comprehensively considered.

Fiberglass Tower For Acid Purify

According to the Electroplating Pollutant Discharge Standard, a local gas collection system must be installed on the plating hook process and facility, and a centralized purification process is required to uniformly discharge the exhaust pipe to the atmosphere. Therefore, the plating exhaust gas can be treated in three ways, that is, reducing the plating exhaust gas at the source, installing the exhaust system, and installing the electroplating exhaust gas purifying stainless steel spray tower device. When the stainless steel spray tower treatment method mainly absorbs acid waste gas, a closed lid is installed on the vacuum pump to discharge the gas in the workshop into the stainless steel spray tower with the packing. The efficiency of the process of removing acid waste gas can reach more than 90%.

The stainless steel spray tower is made of 304 or 316 stainless steel and consists of a lower body, a packing, a liquid distributor, a gas water separator, a sprinkler system, a circulating water pump, a circulating water tank, chemical liquid storage, and dosing system. Currently widely used in the electroplating industry to effectively help customers solve the problem of exhaust pollution

At the same time, Fiberglass Tower For Acid Purify can be offered for you.  Looking forward to receiving your inquiry.

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