04. 29, 2019

What Are The Advantages Of Turbine Cooling Tower Energy-saving Retrofit?

The turbine cooling tower is a kind of cooling tower. After the energy-saving transformation of this cooling tower, the advantage is very obvious. This is why it is so popular. 

So, today, Fiberglass Mesh For Cooling Tower manufacturer will tell you about the advantages of the turbine cooling tower after the energy-saving transformation. , Hope it could help everyone.

Fiberglass Mesh For Cooling Tower

1. Energy saving: The cooling tower uses the turbine to replace the fan motor, which completely saves the operating power consumption of the fan motor, and does not increase the running current of the circulating water pump, saving the user a huge amount of electricity.


2. No noise: The energy conversion of the turbine is completed in the water channel and the motor and reducer are eliminated, which eliminates the low-frequency electromagnetic sound and greatly reduces the mechanical noise.


3. Efficient: The turbine shaft directly drives the fan, no need to pass other speed reducers, etc., and the air volume changes correspondingly with the change of water flow and is always stable at a better gas-water ratio to ensure the heat dissipation effect.


4. Long service life: The structure of the turbine is simple, the technology is mature and feasible, and the overall design working life is more than 15 years.


5. Low cost: the cooling tower system using the turbine has fewer failure points, replacing the motor, reducer and transmission system with one turbine, which can realize long-term trouble-free operation, save a lot of maintenance and replacement of the cooling tower motor and deceleration for the user. Cost and manpower.


6. Safety: The cooling tower motor has potential dangers such as electric leakage and injury. The turbine does not need electricity. It can be used in high-risk environments and is light in weight. The high-level operation is no longer difficult to lift, remove the motor and reducer, and the cooling tower is added. Operating environment security.


7. Applicable: Applicable to any type of open cooling tower. It has obvious advantages in the renovation and renovation of the old cooling tower turbine. It is easy to install, does not damage the original structure, does not need to redo the equipment foundation, does not require a large number of venues, saves a lot of trouble than the new purchase, and can be done in future use. Run to zero electricity and zero maintenance fees.

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