10. 08, 2019

The Science Of Fiberglass

Many production workers and managers engaged in the fiberglass industry talk about fiberglass, many people have doubts, especially on sunny days, the factory under the sunlight are flying with the shiny fiberglass fly, more people fear! Worry that fiberglass, like asbestos and other mineral fibers, can cause silicosis and even cancer! Is fiberglass really that scary? What is the truth? Today I would like to discuss with you, to listen!

Fiberglass is a kind of inorganic non-metallic material with excellent performance. It has a wide range of advantages, such as good insulation, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength, but its disadvantages are brittleness and poor abrasion resistance. It is quartz sand, limestone, dolomite, pyrophyllite and boron calcium stone, seven kinds of szaibelyite ore as raw material by high temperature melting system, wire drawing, winding, weaving and other manufacturing processes, the monofilament diameter of a few microns to over 20 microns, the equivalent of a human hair 1/20-1/5, each bundle fiber original SiDou consists of hundreds or even thousands of root monofilament. When we breathe air at work, some of the longer fiberglasss floating in the air are filtered by the nasal, bronchial, and trachea hairs and mucous membranes, meaning that not all fiberglasss floating in the air are sucked into the body. Its processing and use process produce fiberglass fracture and hair silk edge, in the ambient air, fiberglass concentration is very low, generally 1 cubic centimeter of air volume in less than a fiber, and because fiber diameter range 6 ~ 13 microns thick, it fast settling velocity in the air, let it stay in the air time is short, according to the world health organization and many experts in the world through long-term research: inhaled fibers minimum diameter should be less than 3 microns, length-diameter ratio greater than 5 to 1, it is generally believed that from 200 to 250 microns of fiber will not be breathed deep into the lungs. As a result, fiberglass is harmless to humans. So what are the main applications of fiberglass?

Firstly, it can be applied to the aerospace field. Due to the special requirements of aerospace, military and other fields on materials, fiberglass composites have such characteristics as light weight, high strength, good impact resistance and flame retardant, which can provide a wide range of solutions for these fields.

Second fiberglass has good size, superior performance, compared with steel and concrete materials such as giant, light weight, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, makes fiberglass reinforced materials manufacturing bridge, wharf, highway pavement, bridge, water construction, pipelines and other infrastructure in the ideal material, such as Fiberglass cable tray.

High strength fiberglass septic tank

High strength fiberglass septic tank

And fiberglass composite materials have high strength, light weight, ageing resistance, corrosion resistance, good flame retardant performance, noise insulation and other characteristics, can be widely used in the manufacture of a variety of building materials, can be used for reinforced concrete, composite walls, insulation window screen and adornment, FRP reinforcement, bath, swimming pool, ceiling board, FRP watts, door plank, harvesting and cooling tower, one of the most common fiberglass products such as High strength fiberglass septic tank.

In addition, the application of fiberglass reinforced composites in electronic and electrical fields is mainly to take advantage of its electrical insulation, corrosion resistance and other characteristics. The application of composite materials in electronic and electrical fields is mainly in the electrical switch box, electrical distribution box, instrument panel cover, insulator, insulation tools, motor end cover.

Fiberglass application field is very wide, also has a lot of fiberglass products.If you are interested in fiberglass, can pay attention to the link to view more information, as a manufacturer of fiberglass products, our company have many kinds of fiberglass products, such as Fiberglass cable protection pipe and fiberglass pipe, and so on.

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