10. 16, 2019

FRP industry prospects

After more than 50 years of development, China's FRP industry has been highly recognized, the technological level and industrial equipment have been greatly improved, and the relevant standard system has also been improved. However, there is still a certain gap with the international advanced level, and the future needs to be improved from application and research and development.

The FRP industry will present the following trends:First of all, the raw and auxiliary materials are developing towards high performance, which drives the technological progress, equipment upgrade and product upgrade of the FRP industry. High performance is the current development direction of raw and auxiliary materials, and the FRP industry cantakethisopportunity to achieve industrial upgrading.

Secondly, the high-end FRP products are mainly in the direction of lightweight. Breaking through the middle and high-end direction is the mainstream of development in all walks of life in China, and the FRP industry is no exception. In the current development of FRP Desulfurization Tower, Frp Septic Tank, small area fiberglass septic tank, FRP is expected to benefit.

FRP industry prospects

FRP Desulfurization Tower

FRP DThird, equipment and technology intelligence have become an important trend in the development of the industry. Artificial intelligence technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, and industrial production intelligence has become one of the future development trends. In this context, the FRP industry will inevitably also upgrade the level of intelligence, and further develop in the direction of high level, large scale and precision.

FRP industry prospects

Frp Septic Tank

Finally, green development and cleaner production are essential requirements for industry development. In this regard, the FRP industry should start from many aspects, such as the use of new materials, improve the recycling system, promote environmentally friendly products, etc., in order to reduce the pressure on the environment.

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