07. 18, 2019

About The Sewage Pool Capping Structure

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The sewage pool is a special tank for storing the sewage to be treated. The top of the sewage pool is usually provided with a cover plate to prevent the smell of the sewage from being emitted. The area of the sewage pool is large, and the cover plate needs to be installed in blocks. Therefore, it is necessary to splice the cover plate after erecting the I-beam on the sewage pool. Today, let's take a look at the structure of the sump and the cover.

About The Sewage Pool Capping Structure

The utility model comprises a plurality of beams and a plurality of cover plates, the beam is fixed on the sewage pool, and the cover plate is arranged on the beam, wherein each beam is composed of an upper beam, a lower beam and a plurality of connecting beams, and the plurality of connecting beams are arranged at Between the upper beam and the lower beam, the first and the last ends of the plurality of connecting beams are connected by a connecting member, and the connecting member is fixed by the upper and lower beam sleeves and the connecting beam sleeve, and the upper and lower beam sleeves are sleeved on the outside of the upper beam or the lower beam, and the connecting beam sleeve is On the outside of the connecting beam, the connecting piece is made up of two halves, one half of which is placed on the front side of the beam and the other half is placed on the backside of the beam. The connecting beams are all inclined, and the ends of the former connecting beams are inclined downward, and the ends of the latter connecting beams are inclined upward. The middle of the top of the upper beam is provided with a rib from the beginning to the end, and the rib is arranged in parallel with the axial direction of the upper beam, and the top of the rib is at the same height as the top of the connecting member. The two halves are connected by screws. The two adjacent cover plates are connected by a snap fastener and the gap is filled with glass glue. The upper beam, the lower beam, the connecting beam, the connecting piece, and the cover plate are made of FRP.

Has the following advantages:

1. Beautiful appearance;

2. Good deodorization effect;

3. Comprehensive cost performance;

4. Use more pools.

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