07. 11, 2019

Do You Know The Method Of The Exhaust Gas Treatment Device?

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Nowadays, we have a lot of waste gas around us. At this time, we need to carry out chemical waste gas treatment, so that we will not threaten our health. When we are working, we need to understand the issues and avoid problems. What are the methods of the exhaust gas treatment device?

1. Low-temperature plasma method:

The waste gas molecules are decomposed by a plasma containing a high-energy reactive group to generate carbon dioxide and water, thereby purifying the exhaust gas.

2. Activated carbon adsorption method:

The organic gas is directly adsorbed by activated carbon.

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3. Photocatalytic cracking method:

The high-energy special-effect light wave tube interacts with TIO2 to cleave and oxidize the pollutants in the light wave purification equipment.

4. Biological decomposition method:

The circulating water is used to dissolve the pollutants in the water, and the microorganisms cultured in the water are degraded into low-harm substances.

5. Combustion method:

Through the incinerator, the catalytic combustion device, high-temperature combustion removes harmful substances in the exhaust gas. Jiangsu Hawthorn Environmental Professional Painting Spraying Organic Waste Gas Treatment.

Different types of exhaust gas, the treatment methods used are also different, there are many combination processes, such as organic waste gas adsorption-desorption-condensation recovery technology process, adsorption concentration + catalytic oxidation technology.

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