12. 03, 2018

Precautions When Cleaning FRP Storage Tank

Fiberglass storage tank often needs to be cleaned and maintained during the operation. The following are the precautions in cleaning:

1. When entering the maintenance of FRP storage tank, all the valves should be closed first, and the tank should be emptied and cleaned. After testing, it is confirmed that there is no toxic gas in the tank, and it can enter the tank without oxygen deficiency.

2. To avoid the tool hitting the tank wall, the use of ladders, metal parts equal to the touch of the tank wall to add a soft pad, to maintain the inner wall is not scratched, hurt.

3. The external ladders, cages and guardrails of FRP tanks should be carefully checked before climbing to be safe and reliable.

4. It is not allowed to load at the top of the tank at the time of repair, and it is forbidden to apply an external force on the nozzle.

5. In the field, after the use of high quality FRP for many years, the outer layer will age and the resin layer will fall off or the fibers will be exposed. Every two or three years, paint or resin should be painted on the outside of the tank to prevent aging and extend the service life.

Fiberglass Storage Tank

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