11. 30, 2018

Points For Attention After Purchasing FRP Tanks

The light weight fiberglass storage tank is the best storage tank of hydrochloric acid, which has corrosion resistance, the high degree of durability and long life. So how should we check and accept when the FRP tank we purchased arrives? The following is a detailed introduction.

1. Try to test the hydrostatic pressure of the FRP mixing tank to see if there is any leakage.

2. The electric mixing system makes the idle rotation and simulated rotation of filling water to see whether the swing arc of mixing paddle is too large.

3. Listening to the motor and reducing the speed of the speed machine, whether the rotation is average or not.

4. You should pay attention to the motor is not with the oil rotation, idling is easy to heat, pay attention to try to rotate the time is not suitable for too long, so as not to burn the motor.

We also have high voltage fiberglass pipe to provide you with, if you are interested in our product, you can contact us further.

Fiberglass Storage Tank

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