11. 05, 2018

Introduction Of FRP Pipe

The high strength fiberglass pipe is formed by a process in which the glass fiber yarn is impregnated with a resin and then solidified in a high-speed polymerization device integrated with photoelectric heat, and is drawn and pulled. Due to the variety of resins used, it is called polyester fiber reinforced plastic, epoxy glass reinforced plastic, and phenolic glass reinforced plastic. It has the characteristics of light and hard, non-conductive, high mechanical strength, anti-aging, high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

Pollution resistance fiberglass pipes have achieved wide application in petroleum, electric power, chemical industry, papermaking, urban water supply and drainage, factory sewage treatment, seawater desalination, gas transportation and other industries with its unique advantages. With the acceleration of China's urbanization process and the balance and protection of population, resources and environment, governments at all levels have increased their investment in urban infrastructure year by year. In combination with the needs of advanced science and technology, the varieties and specifications of pipes and fittings are continuously enriched. The output is constantly increasing, the quality is constantly improving, especially the development of plastic pipes is faster, and it has become a hot spot of investment today, the fiberglass tube is one of them.

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Fiberglass Pipe

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