10. 31, 2018

Forming Method Of FRP Storage Tank

At present, there are four types of fiberglass storage tank forming methods that are most used in the world.

1. Hand paste method: The main countries used are Norway, Japan, Britain, Denmark, etc.

2. Jet method: The main countries used are Sweden, the United States, Norway and so on.

3. Molding method: The main use country is Germany.

4. FTM method: The main countries used are European and American countries and Japan.

More than 90% of corrosion resistant fiberglass products in China are produced by hand lay-up. Others include molding, winding, lamination, etc. (see Chapter 11). Japan's hand-paste method still accounts for 50%. From the perspective of countries all over the world, the hand-paste method still accounts for a considerable proportion, indicating that it still has vitality. The hand paste method is characterized by molding with a wet resin, simple equipment, low cost, and an overall product capable of pasting 10 m or more at a time. The disadvantages are low mechanization, long production cycle and unstable quality. Since China has introduced process equipment such as squeezing, spraying and winding from abroad, with the development of FRP industry, new methods will continue to emerge.

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Fiberglass Storage Tank

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