09. 11, 2019

Roundness Measurement Method Of Glass Steel Chimney

As we all know, the Fiberglass Chimney winding processing is actually the molding process. The dimensional accuracy and stability of the mold directly determines the dimensional stability of the processed FRP chimney segment. The dimensional stability of the FRP chimney section is directly related to the smooth connection of the adjacent butt joint quality of the two FRP chimney pipes and the external force of the FRP chimney during the installation process.

Fiberglass Chimney

Fiberglass Chimney

At present, many times, due to the low price bid, the FRP chimney contractor has no enthusiasm for improving the technical level and precision of the mold, and rarely carries out research on related testing technology. The customer often does not know the technology of FRP chimney, but also This indicator presents detailed requirements. In fact, it is possible to measure the circumference of each part of the length direction of the mold, and then convert the outer diameter of the mold of each part, and then calculate the error by comparing the measurement result with the inner diameter data of the FRP chimney required by the design drawing. The following methods can also be used to obtain more accurate measurement data shared by professional Long Life Fiberglass Storage Tank Manufacturer:

(1) Examine the appearance of the actual shape of the FRP chimney mold: confirm the pass;

(2) Observe the inspection and verification data of the outer diameter of the mold by the FRP chimney manufacturer: the outer diameter is compared with the design drawing requirements, and within the error range, it is confirmed to be qualified;

(3) Using special inspection instruments, at the two ends of the mold (planning for the future connection of the FRP chimney section), detecting the deviation of the outer surface of the FRP chimney from the axis (this is the roundness), after more Point detection and subsequent data calculations, confirm that within the fluctuation range required by the design drawings, confirm the pass and release!

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