09. 07, 2019

Main Structure And Application Of Glass Steel Absorption Tower

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Fiberglass Desulfurization Tower

Fiberglass Desulfurization Tower

As a professional Fiberglass Desulfurization Tower Manufacturer, we know that the purifier structure in the FRP absorption tower is mainly composed of a tank body, an air inlet, an adsorption section and an air outlet. The acid-containing waste gas enters the tank through the air inlet, and then passes through the adsorption section, and is purified in the adsorption section, and the purified air is discharged into the atmosphere by the fan. The adsorbent is non-toxic, discards no secondary pollution, is suitable for various environmental humidity, has good moisture resistance, and its cost and operating cost are lower than other methods. The purifier consists of an air inlet, a filter, an outlet of the adsorption section, and the like. After the exhaust gas enters the tank from the air inlet, the particulate matter is filtered through the filter, and then enters the adsorption section, which is adsorbed and purified by the adsorption section. The purified air is discharged into the atmosphere by the ventilator, and the saturated carbon fiber is taken out and regenerated, and then used after regeneration. . The adsorbent can be regenerated by the factory or regenerated by the user.

The FRP exhaust gas absorption tower can be applied to various industries, the gas types, concentration, temperature and other technical conditions are different. The types of products recovered by the tower are also different. Therefore, this series of equipment should be designed according to actual conditions. The selection method is tailor-made for the user to be a practical and economical exhaust gas absorption tower.

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