11. 14, 2019

Glass Fiber Septic Tank

The earliest septic tank originated in Europe in the 19th century. It has a history of more than 100 years. The septic tank is a sedimentation tank where the sewage flowing through the pond is in direct contact with the sedimentation sludge and the organic solid is decomposed by anaerobic bacteria. The initial septic tank as a kind of intercepting device to avoid blockage of pipelines plays an active role in intercepting and precipitating large particulate impurities in sewage, preventing clogging of sewage pipelines, reducing pipeline burial depth and protecting the environment. In China, septic tanks are an indispensable supporting living facility for people's lives. Almost every building has a corresponding septic tank facility. Here, our Fiberglass Storage Tank supplier will introduce the glass fiber septic tank.

Due to the special nature of the raw materials, the glass fiber septic tank is light and high-strength, non-corrosive, non-leakage, excellent in water treatment effect, convenient in construction and installation, and can be buried in the pit to make up for all the shortcomings of the traditional septic tank. It has been recognized and praised by environmental protection and construction departments at all levels. The traditional septic tanks are mainly brick-concrete structures and reinforced concrete structures, but the production process is relatively simple, there is no technical content, easy to leak, easy to block, the water treatment effect is not good, polluting the surrounding environment, increasing the downstream The burden of the sewage treatment plant, and the complicated construction procedures and long construction period, can not meet the requirements of the environmental protection department and the construction side. Therefore, the market needs a product that is more suitable for perfection. In this way, glass fiber septic tanks came into being.

The Fiberglass Septic Tank is a treatment facility that uses the principle of sedimentation and anaerobic fermentation to remove suspended organic matter in domestic sewage. It belongs to the primary transitional living treatment structure. The principle of septic is that the sewage has a residence time in the pool. The contact degradation time between the sewage and the filler is longer, and the degree of degradation of the organic matter is higher, so that the BOD index in the discharged sewage is greatly reduced.

Fiberglass Septic Tank

Fiberglass Septic Tank

Domestic sewage contains a large amount of feces, paper dust, pathogens, and sewage into the septic tank after 12 to 24 hours of precipitation, can remove 50% to 60% of suspended matter. The precipitated sludge undergoes anaerobic digestion for more than 3 months, and the organic matter in the sludge is decomposed into stable inorganic substances, and the easily spoiled raw sludge is converted into stable mature sludge, which changes the structure of the sludge and reduces The moisture content of the sludge. The sludge is cleared for transport, landfill or used as fertilizer.

The glass fiber septic tank has been developed to the present, and the shape is generally cylindrical. The two ends of the head are generally designed with a wheel-shaped concave-convex surface with good mechanical properties. The interior is provided with a communicating partition board. There are three-dimensional elastic fillers to trap more anaerobic bacteria. The main raw materials of the glass fiber septic tank are organic resin, glass fiber and talc filler. The finished product can be painted or added directly to the paste during processing. The production process is generally made by hand lay-up.

In the developed capitalist countries of the West, septic tank facilities have long surpassed the traditional “septic tank” to become a sewage treatment facility, and the treatment technology has already reached the level of reclaimed water. We cooperated in research and development of BZHC series environmentally-friendly buried integrated septic tanks. It is aimed at the current development status of septic tank technology in China, combined with the advanced technology experience of developed countries in the West, continuously researching and developing septic tank equipment in line with China's national conditions, and doing it for China's environmental protection cause to make a bigger contribution.

The above is the relevant description of the glass fiber septic tank, I hope to help everyone, and if you are interested in glass fiber products such as fiberglass septic tank, fiberglass tube, Fiberglass Chimney, you can contact us, we can provide you with High quality fiberglass products. Welcome.

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