11. 21, 2019

Fiberglass Tank Knowledge

The Fiberglass Storage Tank is one of the glass fiber reinforced plastic products, and the new composite material is mainly made of glass fiber as a reinforcing agent and resin as a binder by a microcomputer controlled machine winding.

Fiberglass storage tanks have the following characteristics:

(1) Lightweight and strong

The relative density is between 1.5 and 2.0, only 1/4~1/5 of carbon steel, but the tensile strength is close to or even higher than that of carbon steel, and the specific strength can be compared with high-grade alloy steel.

(2) Good corrosion resistance

FRP is a good corrosion-resistant material that is resistant to atmospheric, water and general concentrations of acids, bases, salts and a variety of oils and solvents. It has been applied to all aspects of chemical corrosion protection and is replacing carbon steel, stainless steel, wood, non-ferrous metals and so on.

(3) Good electrical performance

It is an excellent insulating material used to make insulators. Good dielectric properties are still protected at high frequencies. It has good microwave permeability and has been widely used in radomes.

(4) good thermal performance

FRP has a low thermal conductivity and is an excellent thermal insulation material. In the case of instantaneous ultra-high temperature, it is an ideal thermal protection and ablation resistant material, which can protect the spacecraft from high-speed airflow at 2000 °C.

(5) Good designability

1 According to the needs, flexible design of various structural products to meet the requirements of use, can make the product has a good integrity.

2 can fully select the material to meet the performance of the product, such as: can be designed to resist corrosion, resistance to transient high temperature, the product has a particularly high strength in a certain direction, good dielectric properties, and so on.

(6) Excellent processability

1 The molding process can be flexibly selected according to the shape, technical requirements, use and quantity of the product.

2 The process is simple, can be formed at one time, and the economic effect is outstanding, especially for a product with a complicated shape and a small amount of molding, and the process superiority is further emphasized.

Fiberglass Storage Tank

Fiberglass Storage Tank

So what are the main applications of the fiberglass storage tanks? Fiberglass Septic Tank Supplier will come to tell you.

Due to the flexible design of the glass fiber storage tank and the excellent performance of the tank wall structure, the fiber-wound FRP can change the physical and chemical properties of the resin system or reinforcing material to the high-speed FRP tank and non-standard equipment to meet the needs of different media and working conditions. Through the structural layer thickness, winding angle and wall thickness structure and design to adjust the bearing capacity of the tank, to produce FRP tanks and non-standard devices with different pressure grades or some special properties, which is an isotropic metal material can not be Compared.

Glass fiber storage tank application industry: black metallurgy industry, nonferrous metallurgy industry, power industry, coal industry, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, electromechanical industry, textile industry, automobile and motorcycle manufacturing, railway industry, shipbuilding industry, construction industry, light industry Applications in all aspects of the food industry, the electronics industry, the post and telecommunications industry, culture, sports and entertainment, agriculture, commerce, medical and health, and military and civilian applications.

Below we can also share some tips for the maintenance of fiberglass storage tanks.

1. The glass fiber storage tank can only be used under the design conditions, and the medium cannot be changed arbitrarily; if the medium is changed, it should be cleaned when the design conditions are met;

2, to avoid contact with sharp, hard objects;

3. The damage should be repaired in time;

4. Avoid long-term exposure to the sun and harsh environments;

5, often cleaning and cleaning;

6. Polish and polish on time, apply paint to maintain beauty and durability.

The above is the knowledge of glass fiber storage tanks shared by Fiberglass Chimney manufacturers, I hope to help you.

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