04. 21, 2020

Why Is Fiberglass Septic Tank So Popular?

Everyone knows that septic tanks are used to decompose feces and treat sewage. In recent years, with the urbanization and the increasingly high environmental sanitation requirements, the market demand for glass fiber reinforced plastic septic tanks is increasing. Nowadays, septic tanks are generally based on glass fiber reinforced plastics. This raw material of glass fiber reinforced plastic? Corrosion Resistance Fiberglass Septic Tank Manufacturer says that is because the glass fiber reinforced plastic material used in glass fiber reinforced plastic septic tanks has the following advantages:

Advantage one: FRP material is corrosion-resistant.

In this case, the general feces and sewage are corrosive, and there are both acidic and alkaline in it. If you use ordinary metal materials or other materials, they will be corroded soon. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of the septic tank and make the service life longer, it is necessary to use Corrosion Resistance Fiberglass Tank.

Advantage two: FRP material is resistant to temperature changes.

For the temperature, because there are summer and winter, these two extreme weather will have an impact on the decomposition of the septic tank. In order to ensure winter resistance to frost, FRP materials will be used, which will not appear at tens of degrees below zero Problem, so it can be decomposed normally in winter.

Glass Fibre Septic Tank

Glass Fibre Septic Tank

Advantage three: FRP material is easy to use and maintain.

For glass fiber reinforced plastics, its production cost is very different from the previous septic tank materials, and because of its many good characteristics, generally the cost of a septic tank production is not high, plus its use The time is much longer than any kind of septic tank, and the later maintenance and maintenance costs are basically very small, so it is the best choice.

Advantage four: FRP material can be designed.

This is not available in general materials. It can be designed arbitrarily according to the requirements. When this design can meet the requirements, it can bring satisfaction to the flow, pressure, and load. For example, Compression Resistance Fiberglass Septic Tank.

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