06. 01, 2019

Key Points Of The Cable Tray During Maintenance

In the process of using the Fiberglass Cable Tray every day, the good maintenance method is very important. What are the maintenance points of the cable tray during the maintenance process? What details should be paid attention to? 

Below, we Fiberglass Cable Tray Manufacturer will sort out the relevant content for you.

The main points of the cable tray during the maintenance process are as follows:

Fiberglass Cable Tray Manufacturers

1. Daily maintenance: Use a clean soft cloth to clean the surface dust frequently.

2. Regular maintenance: use a special glazing wax to evenly rub the outside, after a while, then use a soft cloth to clean, so that it can be agile rotation and rust and oxidation resistance. As usual, you can focus on maintenance once a quarter. Hardware accessories, metal handles can be wiped with a little oil and dried, moisture-proof. The soft cloth is clean after the outline of the dust.

3. Should use a clean soft cloth, use special maintenance wax.

Cable tray attention detail during maintenance

In the daily maintenance of the cable tray, we need to pay attention to avoid using a wet cloth, hard objects to wipe the surface of the paint and mirror, glass. Avoid contact with acids, alkaline chemicals, and greasy materials. The room should be kept ventilated and boring. The cable tray should be placed in a place where it is exposed to high temperatures and humidity. Avoid exposing the surface to corrosive liquids such as alcohol, nail polish, etc.

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