11. 12, 2018

Use Of FRP

FRP is a composite material that has developed rapidly in the past 50 years. 70% of the glass fiber production is used to make FRP. Let us know about the industrial application of FRP.

1. Construction industry: fiberglass cooling towers, FRP doors and windows, building structures, envelopes, indoor equipment, and decorative parts, FRP flat panels, corrugated tiles, decorative panels, FRP panels, etc.

2. Chemical industry: corrosion-resistant pipelines, fiberglass storage tank, corrosion-resistant pump, and its accessories, corrosion-resistant valves, grilles, etc.

3. Automobile and railway transportation industry: automobile shells and other components, all-plastic miniature cars, body shells of large passenger cars, doors, inner panels, main columns, floors, small vans, and fire tankers, refrigerated trucks, tractors cab, and machine cover, etc.

4. In terms of railway transportation, there are train window frames, roof curved panels, roof water tanks, toilet floors, luggage cart doors, roof ventilators, refrigerated doors, water storage tanks, and certain railway communication facilities.

5. In terms of road construction, there are traffic signs, isolation piers, signposts, signs, highway guardrails, boats and water transport industries.

Fiberglass Cooling Towers

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