05. 20, 2019

Use Acid Mist Purification Tower Must Pay Attention To This Problem

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1. Purification tower must be professionally responsible for management, establish inspection form, check the fan regularly every day, the pump runs normally; the liquid level of the storage tank is in the normal range; whether the concentration of sodium hydroxide solution is within the specified range, if problems are found, it should be solved in time. .

2. Adjust the opening degree of the outlet pump outlet valve to ensure that the nozzle enters the water mist

3. Measurement process and dosage. The liquid storage tank with the concentration of sodium hydroxide solution should be kept within the range of 2 - 5%. When the concentration is lower than 2%, it must be mixed with the sodium hydroxide solution, and the concentration of the salt formed by the acid tank in the liquid tank is higher than 20%. According to the actual use of the solution or regular replacement, the circulating fluid is generally changed every month.

4. In the alternative solution, first shut down the pump, drain the saturated solution, then circulate the water tank and pump for 30 minutes to clean the nozzle and packing layer.

5. Fan, pump, air valve switching plan: start, the first open-air valve, open another fan, the pump is open. First, turn off, turn off the pump, then turn off the fan. The liquid tank produces acid and alkali and salt concentrations greater than 20% or the regular use of the solution.

6. The monthly or dual-pump or dual-fan system should be operated by a pump or fan switch.

7. According to the use of acid mist cleaning nozzle, PP packaging twice a year, after regular replacement of the nozzle, PP packaging to ensure the effect of waste disposal.

8. The best use of acid mist air volume adjustment is to use the inverter and open air valve adjustment.

9. If the weather stops when it is cold, it is best to set the PVC pipe to the inland water temperature or PVC pipe to avoid freezing.

10. The liquid tank concentration of sodium hydroxide solution should be kept in the range of 2 - 6%. When the concentration is less than 2%, it must be loaded with a sodium hydroxide solution.

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