01. 08, 2020

What Are The Advantages Of Glass Fiber Storage Tanks On The Market?

The fiberglass storage tanks on the market are very easy to use. Why do we all buy such fiberglass storage tanks? The Fiberglass Septic Tank Supplier will introduce the specific product advantages.

(1) Excellent mechanics and physical functions

FRP material has low density, about 1/5 to 1/4 of steel, higher specific strength than steel, cast iron and plastic, etc., and has superior physical functions. The thermal expansion coefficient is generally appropriate for steel. With a thermal conductivity of only 0.5% of steel, it is a suitably outstanding thermal and electrical insulator.

(2) Chemical resistance

FRP has a special chemical resistance function. When transporting or storing corrosive media, its service life is several times to several dozen times longer than that of ordinary steel pipes, and even much longer than stainless steel; however, the anticorrosive function of Fiberglass Pipe and tank has a lot to do with the basic information, moisturizer, media function, operating conditions, wall thickness structure and temperature. As long as the correct selection of raw materials and structures for detailed media and operating conditions, can the anticorrosive effect be achieved.

(3) Excellent hydraulic characteristics

Hydraulic characteristics are one of the main characteristics of the pipeline. Excellent hydraulic characteristics mean that the fluid head loss is small, and a small diameter or low power delivery pump can be selected, and then the initial investment in pipeline engineering is reduced, saving electrical energy, and reducing operating costs. . The internal and external surface of glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes is properly lubricated, which can be regarded as a "hydraulic lubrication tube". During operation, the internal and external surfaces of steel pipes, cast iron pipes, cement pipes, etc., often cause partial corrosion and become more and more rough, while FRP pipelines always maintain the appearance of the new pipes.

Fiberglass Storage Tank

Fiberglass Storage Tank

(4) Low maintenance cost

GRP does not require special anti-corrosion treatment, and the insulation layer can be thinned or no heat treatment is required. The pipeline is light, the lifting is simple, the power consumption is small, and the supporting structure or the foundation can be simplified. The length of FRP pipe is longer than that of steel pipe, and the joints are relatively reduced.

(5) Flexible planning and short modification period

After changing the resin system or selecting different reinforcement materials to adjust the various physical and chemical functions of the glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe, in order to get used to the requirements of different media and working conditions, adjust the load of the pipe body by adjusting the thickness of the structural layer, surrounding viewpoints and wall thickness Talents and characteristics, in order to make FRP pipes with different pressure levels or with some special talents, the modification cycle is short, and can be planned and manufactured according to demand. Pipes are made into sockets, sealed joints and sockets, socket-bonded pipes, and flat-end pairs as requested. Flange connections have special requests for tube diameters and can be customized according to drawings; various storage tanks can be manufactured on request with butterfly tops, flat tops, open tops, flanged tops, butterfly bottoms, flat bottoms, live (virtual) Bottom, inclined bottom, conical bottom, etc.

Fiberglass Storage Tank is based on these characteristics to stand out in the field of large containers. I hope that glass fiber reinforced plastic products will bring more convenience to everyone in the future.

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