04. 02, 2019

Production Standard Requirements For Cooling Tower Packing

Cooling Towers are an important part of industrial production. The turbine cooling tower is a very good cooling tower and is highly respected. So, today, we will focus on the production standard requirements for turbine cooling tower packing, hope it could help everyone.

Cooling Tower is the main core of circulating water cooling in industrial production, which affects the cost and efficiency of industrial production in China in industrial production in China. Improper use of the cooling tower in industrial production will result in untimely heat dissipation of the equipment, stagnation of production, and high risk of water temperature. Cooling Tower packing is a major factor in promoting hydrothermal cycling, so choose a good cooling tower packing.

 Cooling Tower

The distance between the top of the cooling tower packing and the lower end of the fan should be 1.2 times the diameter of the fan.


1. When constructing the counterflow cooling tower, the top of the packing and the airflow section should be controlled within 90 degrees. The flat top cover is used, and the diversion coil is arranged. The water collector should be controlled at an angle of 90-120 degrees with the airflow section. between.


2. The shrinking tower top, the apex angle of the shrink section cover should be controlled between 90-110 degrees.


3. The water filling inclination is controlled between 5-8 degrees.


4. In the process of use, in order to prevent the short circuit between the air and the bottom of the packing to the water surface, an alternate circulation measure should be set.

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