03. 25, 2019

Preparation Of The Turbine Cooling Tower Before Installation

Here is Fiberglass Tower Manufacturers talking about Preparation of the turbine cooling tower before installation. 

In the physical education class, we often ask the physical education teacher to do some warm-up exercises. If a classmate does not want to do a warm-up exercise, the teacher usually prohibits him from participating in sports activities. This shows that preparation is very important. But this importance is not only reflected in sports, but also important in industry. Let's talk about the preparations that must be done before the turbine cooling tower is installed!

Fiberglass Tower Manufacturers

1. The Fiberglass Cooling Towers should be selected as a mounting location in a well-ventilated area.

2. Above the two towers, the tower group layout should consider a certain distance between the two towers. Generally, the diameter of the tower is 1-2 times, and the special conditions depending on the conditions of the unit.

3. Before installation, the user should make the foundation according to the position of the tower foot on the cooling tower foundation map, and leave the pouring hole or pre-embedded iron plate. The cooling tower feet are on the same level and fixed on the foundation. And support the foot column and the inlet and outlet pipes, the axis line should be perpendicular to the base surface, and the screws should be applied between the upper and middle casings.

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