04. 04, 2019

Precautions For Installing Frp Septic Tank

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No Leakage Fiberglass Septic Tank

5. The excavated soil must be 5 meters away from the groove to prevent the lateral pressure of the soil from causing collapse, and also leave a work site for lifting the product.

6. In the case of groundwater and insufficient pit depth, it is necessary to use a soil bag or the like to fight or piling, and then pumping water to continue working. Dig the pit and measure whether the elevation reaches the required depth. After the water in the trench is drained, the dry concrete is laid and leveled, so that the product is settled after installation. At the same time, four to eight angle irons or steel bars are reserved in the concrete to fix the septic tank with straps (stainless steel, plastic rope, etc., which are not easy to rust and rot).

7. When there is no groundwater, the foundation is tamped and sanded. Basic treatment according to the schematic and requirements.

8. When lifting in place, you must pay attention to the direction of the septic tank inlet and outlet. The hosting can be bundled with a wire rope, a hemp rope, and the like. After the product is hoisted in place, the level should be measured. If it is not fair, adjust it to make it level.

9. If the septic tank is to pass through a large vehicle (under 25 tons), as shown in the schematic diagram. The interior is a 20 cm steel mesh with a spacing of 20 cm. Place two 26 main ribs every one meter.

10. Layered backfill

11. After installation, the upper edge of the manhole is slightly above the level of the ground to prevent rainwater from flowing into the tank. The installation location of the air outlet depends on the environment. It is better to look up the rainwater pipe along the wall of the toilet. Where people don't often go, they can go to a well. All in all, security does not affect the surrounding environment.

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