05. 18, 2020

What Material Is FRP?

What material is FRP? The Fiberglass Pipe Manufacturers will explain it to you. Glass fibre reinforced plastic is the scientific name of fibreglass. It is a typical composite material. In the process of making FRP, using various resins as the matrix, the glass is drawn into very fine fibre filaments, and the fibre filaments are woven into products.

Glass is a material with low strength and easy to be brittle, but its performance will change after the glass is melted and drawn into a very thin glass fibre wire. This glass fibre wire is very thin and very strong, and can even be woven into cloth.

FRP concentrates the characteristics of glass fibre and synthetic resin, and has the characteristics of lightweight, high strength, chemical resistance, heat resistance, good electrical insulation, and resistance to transient high temperature ablation.

FRP Pipe

FRP Pipe

With the development of China's glass fibre reinforced plastics business, as a plastic-based reinforcement material, it has expanded from glass fibre to carbon fibre, boron fibre, aramid fibre, alumina fibre and silicon carbide fibre. It is no longer possible to summarize these similar products. Considering the origin and development of history, a more comprehensive name such as FRP composite material is usually adopted now.

The application of glass fibre reinforced plastics in production and life is very extensive. The following summarizes the application of glass fibre reinforced plastics in various industries. 1. Construction industry: cooling tower, glass fibre reinforced plastic doors and windows New, building structure, envelope structure, indoor equipment and decorative parts, glass fibre reinforced plastic flat panel, corrugated tile, decorative plate, sanitary ware and overall toilet, sauna, surfing bathroom, building construction template Storage building, and solar energy utilization devices, etc. 2. Chemical industry: corrosion-resistant pipes, storage tanks, corrosion-resistant delivery pumps and accessories, corrosion-resistant valves, grilles, ventilation facilities, sewage and wastewater treatment equipment and accessories, etc. 3. Automobile and railway transportation industry: automobile shells and other components, all-plastic mini-cars, body shells, doors, inner panels, main columns, floors, bottom beams, bumpers, instrument panels of large passenger cars, small passenger trucks, As well as the cabs and machine covers of fire tank trucks, refrigerated trucks, tractors, etc. 4. In terms of railway transportation, there are train window frames, car roof bending plates, roof water tanks, toilet floors, luggage car doors, roof ventilators, Refrigerated vehicle doors, water storage tanks, and certain railway communication facilities, etc. 5. For road construction, there are traffic road signs, street signs, isolation pier, highway guardrails, etc. Boats and water transportation industry: 6, inland passenger and cargo ships, fishing vessels, hovercrafts, various types of yachts, rowing boats, high-speed boats, lifeboats, transportation boats, as well as FRP buoys and mooring buoys, etc. 7. Electrical industry and communication engineering: arc extinguishing equipment, cable protection tube, generator stator coil and support ring and cone shell, insulation tube, insulation rod, motor guard ring, high voltage insulator, standard capacitor shell, motor cooling bushing, Generator windshields and other strong electrical equipment; distribution boxes and switchboards, insulated shafts, fibreglass covers and other electrical equipment; printed circuit boards, antennas, radomes and another electronic engineering applications.

8. FRP can also be used in other industries: many urban sculptures, arts and crafts modelling, fast dining tables and chairs, motorcycle parts, fibreglass flower pots, safety helmets, high-end amusement equipment, household appliance shells, fibreglass tiles, movie props, communication systems Antenna cover, special pole for pole vault, etc.

At the same time, FRP products are used in daily life, such as the Frp Composite Pipe, the High-Quality Fiberglass Storage Tank, etc.

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