12. 19, 2019

Four Methods To Maintain The Tightness Of The Glass Fiber Septic Tank Cover

Fiberglass Septic Tank is a composite material product actively promoted by the country. Its advantages such as light weight, high strength, good toughness, corrosion resistance, bright color, and smooth surface have a mirror effect, far surpassing the similar materials of ceramics, hard plastics, and steel Products are widely used in chemical, petroleum, construction, textile, aviation, marine, transportation, power, metallurgy, machinery, medical, food, paper, environmental protection and other fields. There are four ways to maintain the tightness of the glass fiber septic tank cover.The following is a detailed introduction of Fiberglass Septic Tank Supplier.

Fiberglass Septic Tank

Fiberglass Septic Tank

1. The new glass tank made of finished glass material is confirmed to be leak-free, and it will be officially opened after two weeks of maintenance.

2. Use water in operation. Glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tanks use epoxy furan resin, modified or polyester resin, and phenolic resin as binders according to the medium used (storage or transportation). The resin is composed of a high resin content corrosion-resistant inner lining layer, an impervious layer, and a fiber winding reinforcement layer And appearance protection layer. A septic tank is a treatment facility that uses the principles of sedimentation and anaerobic fermentation to remove suspended organic matter from domestic sewage. It belongs to the primary transitional living treatment structure.

3. Clean the faeces and dregs in a timely manner. The dung excavated in the septic tank must be disposed of by composting method or chemical method, and the excrement water from the third tank can be used directly as fertilizer.

4. Maintain the tightness of the cover of the cement septic tank. When removing slag or taking faecal water, do not light up or smoke the poolside to prevent fermentation and explosion of biogas caused by fermentation.

(1) Those who enter the cement septic tank must wear gas masks and protective clothing, and bring safety belts. Safety belts must be tied with a rope with a weight of more than 100 kg. The other end of the rope should be exposed outside the cement septic tank. On the ladder.

(2) There need to be two or three people on the cement septic tank. Pay attention to the situation in the cement septic tank at any time. If something happens, pull the staff who cleared the cement septic tank. FRP storage tank is a FRP storage tank made of FRP, which can be used to store various media. It has pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, long service life, and light weight, high strength, impermeability, and insulation. Thermal, insulation, non-toxic and smooth surface properties are widely used in coatings, medicine, building materials, chemicals, pigments, resins, food, scientific research and other industries. 

(3) There are generally three manhole covers in cement septic tanks, and there are two small holes in the manhole covers. We have to open the small holes in each manhole cover every half an hour or perhaps an hour.

(4) Use iron hooks to open the manhole cover. After opening, use fire water to flush each wellhead for half an hour. Glass fiber septic tank is a device made of synthetic resin as the base and made of glass fiber reinforced materials, which is specially used to treat domestic sewage. It is mainly applicable to domestic sewage purification treatment equipment for civil buildings such as industrial enterprise living rooms and urban residential quarters. This can greatly reduce the biogas in the cement septic tank.

(5) Insert a bamboo pole with a length of 5 meters into the septic tank to obtain the depth of the dirt and sewage in the cement septic tank.

(6) If the depth in the septic tank exceeds 1.5 meters, clear the attention of the cement septic tank, we must use a bamboo ladder that is 1 meter deeper than the cement septic tank or other ladders into the septic tank. 

The above are the four methods introduced by the supplier of Fiberglass Storage Tank to maintain the tightness of the cover of the glass fiber septic tank. I hope to help you.