11. 23, 2018

Importance Of Temperature Difference In FRP Cooling Tower

Fiberglass cooling towers are cooling device and can also be said to be a heat treatment mechanism. Those who are familiar with the cooling tower know that its working principle is to use the function of industrial cooling water in the tower to absorb the waste heat generated in the industrial production process, and to disperse the heat into the air after contacting the atmosphere, once the cooling water is lowered.

Not only that, when the cooling tower is running, there are two hot and cold fluids in the tower and they are mixed and contacted. There is a certain temperature difference between the two. When the cooled object contacts the cooling water by the temperature difference, the water will evaporate to the water. In the air, there will be a cooling effect.

But what is the cooling effect we use to measure? The most effective way to measure cooling is to look at the temperature difference created by the cooling tower as it enters and exits the tower. This also provides an important basis for cooling tower selection. Usually for civil cooling towers, the standard tower type is designed to set the inlet water temperature to thirty-seven degrees, and the effluent water is slightly lower, which is thirty-two degrees, so the temperature difference between the two is five degrees; Industrial cooling tower design conditions are generally divided into several files, including thirty-two to forty degrees, thirty-three to forty-three degrees, forty-five to sixty-five degrees, etc., so the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet towers is generally eight between twenty degrees.

In order to meet the cooling effect of different users during production, it is necessary to keep the flow of each pipeline smooth during the operation of the cooling, and the blockage is impossible. If there is a blockage, it must be cleaned up in time to avoid affecting the entire link.

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