01. 02, 2019

Cooling Tower Classification

The circulating water in the aluminum tube is heated by self-circulating water from the cooling tower. It can well ensure the quality of circulating water from copper pipes.

Cooling Tower classification:

1. According to ventilation, there are natural ventilation cooling towers, mechanical ventilation cooling systems, and mixed ventilation cooling towers.

2. According to the contact style of warm water and atmosphere, there are divided into a wet cooling tower, a dry cooling tower, and a dry and wet cooling tower.

3. According to the flow management of warm water and air, there is a counterflow cooling tower, a cross flow (AC) cooling tower, and a mixed flow cooling tower.

4. according to the intention behind the general air conditioning cooling, industrial cooling, high-temperature cooling.

5. According to the noise level, it's broken up into the ordinary cooling tower, low noise cooling, ultra-low noise cooling tower, and ultra quiet cooling tower.

6. Others like jet cooling systems, fanless cooling systems, hyperbolic cooling towers, etc.

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